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Welcome to Banks by Tim - home of unique, hand painted ways to save your money, banks that are made in the U.S.A.
My piggy banks are made from "scratch". All of my plaster molds are stored on-site (my basement) and I use liquid clay to create the greenware. Each piggy bank is carefully cleaned, then fired in one if the kilns. It is then painted to order and fired again.

All of my designs use non-toxic, lead-free, ceramic glazes that are fired onto the bank. This makes my designs permanent and actually part of the piggy. Each piggy bank is one of a kind and made to order just for you.

Please see below for further information on: our history, show attendance, payment, shipping, and refund/exchange policies.

Our History

A long time ago, my family owned a ceramic shop in southern Ohio. When I was appox. 9 yrs old, I picked up a paint brush, a piece of ceramic, started painting, and never looked back.

After opening the shop with my parents for quite a few years, we decided to sell due to an illness in the family. I then entered the business world as a sales rep for different products for 40+ years.

As mentioned, my piggy banks are made from "scratch", each bank is one of a kind. As for the designs, most are original drawings; however, some are variations based off of greeting cards, old coloring books and such. A number have also been acquired over the last 50+ years and may be from collections of unknown origin.

Show Attendance

Upcoming Events:

Miamisburg Spring Fling - Miamisburg, OH - May 19th-20th

Americana Festival - Centerville, OH - July 4th

Atlanta New Earth Festival - Downtown Atlanta, IN - September 22nd-23rd

Westfield Band Booster’s Holiday Craft Show – Westfield High School, Westfield, IN - November 17th