ordering process

To Order - Call 937.602.9818 or email tevans572@aol.com

Accepting: Visa, Discover, American Express

Willie Mold

1. Select the mold you'd like to order.
2. Click the "Buy Now" button to proceed to check out.
3. A notification will be sent to us with the basic order details.
4. We'll be in contact with you to confirm the purchase and any further details at that time.
5. Each piggy bank is hand painted to order and shipped approximately 3 weeks after being placed. This time frame can vary depending on the time of year.
6. All orders are packed with recycled styrofoam and shipped via the United States Postal Service.

* With each order being custom made, communication is key to ensure the finished product is to your liking. If you feel more comfortable discussing the order prior to placing it, please contact me by phone or email (see our contact page) and we will answer any questions you may have.